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god damn


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Watching Saving Private Ryan on DVD

1] This DVD probably has the best audio engineering I've ever heard. The opening scene where they storm Omaha Beach is absolutely incredible. If you have a dolby digital 5.1 home theater set up, you owe it to yourself to watch this movie again. The directional sounds employed are amazing, they're used in every one of the 5 channels of sound, and coordinated exactly with what's happening on screen.

2] When I reviewed Medal of Honor I said that the Omaha Beach level was basically the omaha beach scene from Saving Private Ryan, watching the movie again for the first time since it was in theaters, it's amazing just how much they reproduced this scene in the game. Right down to the architecture of the buildings, the positioning of guns, the objectives, even the dialogue. Those of you who like the game might get a kick out of watching this scene as I just did.


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Let me put it this way : I don't see the point in buying DVD's or movies when you can rent them if you want to see them, but I do own one DVD - The Matrix - just because of its sheer brilliance in audio engineering. I'm going to buy this DVD for the same reason. If you're an audiophile or have a kick ass home theater set up you have to watch this.
If you're watching it in a living room environment, try and squeeze the subwoofer under the couch or behind it. Each explosion you will feel when the bullets fly.

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