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God and EDM???? WTF????

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I've always felt that Tribe was a haven of virtuous though that's fit for the whole family. Can't wait till lunch - gonna go register and spread the good word.
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oh no!

didn't anyone tell them that people that actively practice religion are not allowed to listen to dance music! :rolleyes:


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I'm not sure why there's this sudden influx of god/jesus related info today - perhaps it's a portent. Who's up for church this Sunday?
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An example from the forum...

Re: PRAY:Me&my friend are going to raves
« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2006, 07:19:10 AM »


Raves were GOOD...we wen't there when doors opened...and leaved on...midnicht... to catch our tranceportaccióné...

My friend prayed&praised God...and I prayed and leaved flyers of our church to there...to invite people hear our guest...CLAUS MÖLLER...I leaved bunches to the tables...PLEASE PRAY THAT PEOPLE HAD FOUND EM AND COME into our church...

Then I've met my friend PROTEUS...and talked to some my friends whom I used to party with...they are full blown atheists...U could pray for them too...

But I invited this one idealistic dude to our church...he KNOWS that I am beliver...and he had liked my "Jesus t-shirts"...he said that HE COULD COME...IF HE FINDS TIME...PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM...THAT HE FINDS TIME...AND GOD WOULD TALK TO HIM...THAT HE WOULD GIVE HIS LIFE TO CHRIST...and he would come to our church...to hear the Word!

I also got this people's REALLY into my heart...I almost didn't dance...I just felt the pain for these people...who run in ideolistic stuff...and not finding God of salvation... ...I mean we HAVE TO GET MORE ACTIVE TO PULL PEOPLE OUT OF FIRE...so people WILL GET SAVED...

My friend (Erika) and I talked when we were leaving how coo it would to do Christian music...
Christian lyrics and sung in tongues......I firstly thinked...that I don't know (Christian) people who could give us tunes to use...
...then I got IDEA :smiley27:I got bunches of non christian music...how's about we "steal back these tunes" for God...so we use 'em...and lay over vocals to them...so it would GLORIFY GOD...and Erika liked about the idea...so we could soon do mash-up's...I gave name to it...STEAL BACK PROJECT...hopefully it would turn up...and we would WIN SOULS...
U can pray for it...too...

BUT MAIN FOCUS TO ME IS THAT IDEOLOGICAL DUDE...who'm I talked...that he would get saved...

Thank you...that's all for now...