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Goa - Red Five - I Think I Goa'd my Pants!

halo five

TRIBE Member
Creamy wads of fresh goa for those of us not quite over Hallowe'en yet. Starts on a bit of wanky psy-trance note, but quickly builds into full-on +8% braindance mayhem and keeps it up for most of the mix.

I recorded this on my birthday, so you pretty much have to download it (I can't come up with any good reasoning for this, just go with it). Enjoy your flashbacks to 1995.

Zeee mp3!

Zeee tracklisting!

Slinky Wizard - Fridgefull of Mutants (Remix)
Nucleus - Hovercraft (Purple + Steve Ronan System Mix)
Bamboo Forest - Xplorer
Man With No Name - Teleport (Stripped Remix)
Mindfield - Cosmic Counter
Zodiac Youth - Space (Station II Station Mix)
Outer Active - Aesophagus Fables
Hallucinogen - Shamanix
Universal Sound - Third I
Infected Mushroom - BP Empire (Rough Mix)
Noma - Instant Delivery
Infected Mushroom - Psycho (Live Mix)

Oh, there's a few abrupt volume changes where my cat attacked the mixer. He's big on crossfaders. Sorry about that. All other mixing defects are care of yours truly.

halo five

TRIBE Member
Only as awesome as the records I steal from you. Thanks again.

StingBeast has plans for a DJ mix with MCing to be released concurrently with the greatest hits album. Pure gravy.