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go atse removed from the intarweb


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The .cx domain has been suspended (Internet)

By dave331
Sat Jan 17th, 2004 at 07:47:57 AM EST

The administrator of the .cx TLD has suddenly and without warning suspended the domain name .cx. The infamous picture has been replaced by a message announcing the suspension.


The domain was suspended by the Christmas Island Internet Administration (CIIA) following the receipt of a complaint. According to the complaint form filed with the CIIA, the site was in violation of provisions (4) and (5) of the "compliance with law" section of the CIIA's Acceptable Use Policy. The sections read as follows:
4. Communication, publication, or distribution, either directly or by way of embedded links, of images or materials where that communication, publication, or distribution would constitute a criminal offense pursuant to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia or the Territory of Christmas Island, including but not limited to pornographic material and images or materials that are obscene or indecent or any data that is or has been intentionally constructed to be manipulated into obscene or indecent images or material, whether incorporated directly into a .CX web site utilizing a .CX Domain, or made accessible via a link on a .CX Domain.

5. Communication publication or distribution of adult or obscene content or images by way of embedded links in unsolicited email, postings to news groups, internet forums, notices to instant messaging programs, where the internet user is not explicitly made aware that by clicking on the link they would be directly exposed to adult or obscene content.

Based on provision (5), it appears that the complaint has as much to do with the practice of hiding links to the site in internet discussions, newsgroups, and the like as with the actual content of the site.

Under the policies of the CIIA, the owner of the .cx domain has 60 days to respond to the complaint or the suspension of the domain will be made permanent. The official complaint filed against the owner of the domain, which includes an explanation of the complaint procedure, is available at http://www.nic.cx/complaints/ .cx/aup.noticeofcomplaint.pdf.

The CIIA has a forum in which this issue is being discussed. Be warned, the forum allows the posting of images directly into the forum. Needless to say, this is an invitation for abuse and the forum is not safe for work. There is also a petition up at PetitionOnline to have the domain reinstated.

Under the CIIA's policy, a domain will not be suspended unless a complaint is filed. The site is only now being taken down because previously, no one had complained about the site.


What should the .cx administrator do?
Make the suspension permanent 20%
Restore the domain 15%
Restore the domain and apologize 25%
Be forced to watch , like in that Stanley Kubrick movie 10%
Make .cx a redirect to oralse.cx 4%
Make .cx a redirect to k5 3%
Make .cx a redirect to Slashdot 12%
Report to Gitmo; .cx was Bush's secret plan to destroy k5 and /. 7%

Votes: 317
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welcome to last week.

I'd timeline you, but because you cant really do a tribe search for the one like go@tse, i'll let it slide :p
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Dr Funk MD

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This has been the biggest tragedy that Tribe has ever faced!!

(or at least it seems that way since people can't stop posting about it)
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Aerius Zension

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To the tune of "American Pie" by Don McLean
I can still remember how that image used to burn my eyes
And I knew if I had my chance
I could hide a link in a rant
and maybe they’d be pissed off for a while.
But January made me shiver
with every link-troll I deliver
Bad links on the doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step.
I can’t remember if I cried
when I heard about his orphaned site
But something touched me deep inside
the day the died.

So bye bye to the site
Put his fingers up his asshole and his asshole was wide.
Yeah these old trolls were on Slashdot and K5
Singing this will be the day the Net dies
This will be the day the Net dies.