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Global Warming


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I'll use this again to describe my time:

I didn;t find out about this until 7 pm or so and I thought I'd head up to London, in need of some parting. Called up my cousins and went to my uncle B-day party for some beers first and arrived at 1:30. Ruckus was on for the first half hour or so and he was impressive as always. Then came the Godfather of Booty House DJ Funk and it was soooooooo %*&% good. A few skips and shit, but an awesome set. Good tracks the whole way through. Danced all night with some peeps up from NY, who apparently are the DJ Funk fan club. Thanks Dan, Rueben, and all. I'll see youz at Richie Hawtin. The venue was ok for only one room, but that's London. The bass was the most I have ever heard, I thought I was going to be sick a few times. Next was Rich Bailey, he played some pretty wicked tracks as well. I also got to deny the glow stix show which I always enjoy.
Left around 5:30 and got some McDonalds. Yay food. Thanks G-FX for a great time.
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