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Global Warming: A debate that I will win.


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Antarctic ice pack increasing in size

Antarctic ice pack increasing in size | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun

Global warm-mongers have been pretty quiet of late. Then again, they’ve had plenty to be quiet about.

For all their endless browbeating, shrill `end is nigh’ chorus and universal agreement that we’re all headed for hell in a handcart, the facts just don’t match their swivel-eyed prophecies of climate doom.

Last week there was another example of how wrong they are. It was an illustrative vignette of how inaccurate scientific modelling can be.

It came in the form of a news story that for the most part was ignored because it didn’t conform to the warming worst that so many climate pedagogues predict.

Did you know that Antarctic ice pack is increasing? That’s right, growing bigger, expanding, escalating, swelling, enlarging, going in the opposite direction of smaller — call it what you will.

Truth to tell, the southern polar ice sheet has been increasing for years — in direct contravention to all the predictions made by those who have a vested interest in scaring the rest of us half to death about the state of the earth’s climate (look at me when I’m talking to you, David Suzuki and Al Gore).

This increase has been measured. It has been matched against previous observations made by climate scientists fully qualified in their field rather than panhandling pundits (I’m still looking at you Messrs. Suzuki and Gore).

What we know is that Antarctic sea ice has expanded to cover the largest area recorded since satellite mapping began a generation ago.

This growth directly contradicts a host of climate change models that predicted the shrinking of southern ice due to anthropogenic global warming.

The expansion confirms a trend of increasing Antarctic sea ice cover of about 1 per cent a decade.

It’s not the first time that observable science has defeated climate constructs.

Rob Massom from the Australian Antarctic Division and Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Co-operative Research Centre in Hobart said as much last week.

“The message is there is a lot of work to better understand what processes are occurring around Antarctica and the role of these processes in affecting sea ice,” Dr. Massom said.

He said the most authoritative climate change models forecast a loss of up to 30% of Antarctic sea ice by the end of the century, and the models simply did not entertain the thought of the direct opposite happening.

Lest you think that the computer modeling errors are confined to study of ice fields (if only that were true), look at more evidence of nature refusing to follow alarmist scientific models.

It has been a wet summer across the pond. There has been rainfall in almost biblical proportions across the UK, confounding the extended and increasing drought predictions made by — yes, you guessed — climate scientists.

In March this year the Met Office issued a prediction that forecast average UK rainfall to slightly favour “drier than average conditions for April-May-June as a whole ...” April-May-June was the wettest ever in England (though not in Britain as a whole). Private forecaster MeteoGroup says evidence will confirm that the June was the probably wettest in England and Wales since 1860.

These same people who cannot accurately predict what the weather will be in a week or month’s time tell us with unblinking certainty what the Earth’s climate will be like in 100 years.

If there wasn’t so much at stake it might even be funny (and yes, climate comedians Suzuki and Gore, I’m still looking at you).
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Hi i'm God

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Gord Perks literally facepalming at Norm Kelly's assertion that "climate change just means life is going to be a little more comfortable in this city."


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This really should go into all textbooks: how motivated reasoning, big corporate funding for "science" to protect itself from regulation and a population steeped in distrust of government is a potent brew that helped spread enough misinformation to thwart societal consensus on global warming in North America.

Its been really interesting on a sociological level to see the degree to which this particular brand of denialism has spread from its original sources in corporate lobbying/right-wing think tanks to the punditry and to conspiracy circles (which include a lot of earnest lefties and self-identifying environmentalists) and more generally to people who like to be contrarians (I'm looking at you ~atp~!!) such that now the waters are so muddied people like Norm Kelly can say that shit and NOT be subject to the kind of ridicule they deserve.

In fact there will be a lot of head nodders for every one Perks who facepalms...;)


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reading the early pages on this thread is a like a time machine to a simpler time.

the denialist arguments have NOT aged well!