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Global Trance Sessions Ep. 73 [Vocal and Uplifting Trance]


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A good mixture of new and classic trance:

Track List:

01. Drival Feat Angel Falls - Now and Here (Extended Mix)
02. Safri Duo - Played A Live (Ashley Allen Remix)
03. Dario G - Sunchyme (ID ID Remix)
04. TOP TUNE: Raz Nitzan and Maria Nayler - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Darren Porter Remix)
05. Loodfury - Lunar Escape (Original Mix)
06. Indecent Noise with Lostly - Worlds Collide (Extended Mix)
07. Gayax - Beautiful Life (Extended Mix)
08. Patrick Mcnulty feat Axyl - Into Your Heart (Mercurial Virus Remix)
09. Ronski Speed feat Lucy Saunders - Calm Before The Storm (Bixx Extended Remix)
10. Ghost Etiquette feat Aza Nabuko - Needed You (Sam Laxton Extended Remix)
11. Onova - Angelic (Extended Mix)
12. Woody Van Eyden and Alex M.O.R.P.H feat Michelle Citrin - Turn it on (Sean Tyas Remix)
13. David Surok - Cape Hatteras (Extended Mix)
14. Hassan Jewel and Derek Mark - Light in You (Extended Mix)
15. Sholan - Hand of God (Original Mix)
16. Menno De Jong feat Noire Lee - Creatures of The Night (Adam Ellis Remix)
17. Bloodfury - Fixation (Original Mix)
18. Gareth Emery feat Annabel - You'll Be OK (Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix)
19. Scot Project - Feeling Me (Shugz and David Rust Remix)
20. James Dymond and Linney - What Have I Got to Lose (Extended Mix)
21. Paul van Dyk and Will Atkinson - Awakening (Extended Mix)

Available for download and streaming here:
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