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Glitter, Jockstraps and...


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Since I can't find the other one. what's up homos? I guess this thread is for all things queer, gay, bi, lesbo, transgendered, two-spirited, allies and all the people in between who are somewhere in between heterosexual and homosexual.

First item on the docket, country singer Tim McGraw's body:


And boycott Trump properties if you support marriage equality, stupid little bigoted man-child.
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Ugh, this is the kind of gay information that misinforms the straight people who want to know.

There is so many subjective points in that video, I don't even know where to start. Of course there's poop. Of course people end up in orgies. Of course we lick each other's bung holes more than straight people. We don't just shower before a date. There's diet, douching, prepping, cleaning. Gay guys who talk about getting laid a lot aren't lying. We don't always have anal during sex. Probably a majority of sex sometimes isn't anal. And of course we discuss who's a bottom and who's a top. You always do to some degree. This video is so wrong! lol


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My friend Akua, a.k.a. Lady Blacktronika, The First Lady of Beatdown. She played pride a couple of years back, dropped two hours of beautiful mid-afternoon deepness at one of the stages, with only a handful of us getting down - of course, as soon as the drag queens and piped in ultra naté took over after her, everyone who'd been parked on their asses started jumping around and screaming like they'd won something on Oprah. Someone should bring her back, she's the shiz.



Lady Blacktronika - Another Man (You're On The DL II)


Bitch Tracks, designed specifically for vogeuing - bought this EP after Akua closed off one of her podcasts with this:

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Anyone watch Rupaul's Drag Race? Basically a reality elimination type show for America's top drag queen. It's really entertaining