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Glimmer Twins@Spin Gallery


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Checked out Glimmer Twins at the Spin gallery last night. I have heard their mixes before and they are to me a lighter (not in a bad way) version of 2 Many DJs/Soulwax. It was my first time to Spin Gallery and the space was nice. The minute I went in, I felt like I was in that Franz Ferdinand video. Pretty artsy and trendy crowd. The vibe was good, not too packed, lots of people dancing. Glimmer Twins’ set was pretty good, started kinda slow but picked up nicely. They played all the usual suspects: Metric , New Order, Human League, Juan Mclean, a punk version of Benny Banassi’s Satisfaction (Anyone knows who did that track?) etc… Mostly electro/techno with some disco . Even though they played a lot of the big names, with just a few exceptions, they either picked their less obvious tracks or some interesting remixes. Best track of the night IMHO is Roxy Music’s Same Old Scene. Classy!
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Bernnie Federko

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Yeah that is a cover by Who Made Who on GOMMA Records.
The flip is a nifty cover of Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo.
Great label, that GOMMA.
Glad you had a fun time, I was there and enjoyed the tunes as well.
[ Benny Banassi’s Satisfaction (Anyone knows who did that track?)