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Glass continues to fall off the Shangri-La building in Toronto


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The building manager said it was only a small piece - as if that makes everything OK. It speaks to the quality of the construction of these new buildings going up all over the city. If this can happen twice this year to a newly constructed luxury hotel building, image how much glass is going to be falling on people's heads from all these thrown up mid to low end condo buildings condo buildings?

TORONTO – A man in his 50s was injured Tuesday after falling glass from the Shangri-La Hotel landed on him.

The pane of glass fell 23 floors from a building near the corner of University Avenue and Adelaide Street West before hitting the man.

The man’s injuries don’t appear to be serious. Police say he walked into the lobby of the Shangri-La hotel and called 911.

He was later taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The glass fell from a balcony in the residential portion of the Shangri-La, according to hotel general manager Richard Cooke.

Traffic in the area was slow as police investigate and crews picked up broken glass.

This incident is the second time this year that glass has fallen in the area. In January, a pane of glass fell from one of the upper floors of the Shangri-La hotel. No one was injured but it forced police to close the area for several hours.

Global News