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Glam Electro: Rich Hope - Get It Twisted


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Some people have been asking me to put together an electro mix for some time, so I did. it's mainly the shoegazey deep kind, but there's lots of different stuff in here and the mix moves quickly - in fact non-stop from start to finish. hope you enjoy this one :)

right click/save as Get It Twisted


1. Interpol – Untitled (RH Re-Edit) (Matador)
2. The Faint – The Conductor (Thin White Duke Mix) Astalwerks
3. The Hacker – Fadin Away (Dima Mix) GoodLife
4. The Egg – Wall (Mylo Mix) Squarepeg Records
5. Silver City – Shiver (Ewan Pearson’s Bari Girl Mix) 2020 Vision
6. Mitgang Audio – Minor Causes (Suction)
7. FPU – You Don’t Pay My Bills (Turbo Recordings)
8. Tiga & Mateo Murphy – Fools Gold (Turbo Recordings)
9. Dan Berkson – Easy (Original Mix) Gourmet Reordings
10. Freeform Five – No More Conversations (Mylo Mix) Four Music
11. Charles Manier – At the Bottle (Ghostly International)
12. Audio Bullys– Way Too Long (Switch Mix) Source
13. Whitey – Leave Them All Behind (PPQ Records)
14. The Film – Can You Trust Me (Yuksek Mix) Eskimo
15. FRF feat Ursula Devine - 35 Minutes (Kevin McKay Mix) Island Hopper
16. Erlend Øye - The Black Keys Work (Phonique Remix) Studio !K7
17. Bent - Stay the Same (Themroc remix) MoS Australia
18. Royksopp – Sparks (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) Wall of Sound

19. The Beloved – Sweet Harmony (Atlantic)



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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

i really ejnoy your mixes rich...looking forward to this one, especially :)


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fuckin' right, just started this one up 30 seconds ago and i know i'm going to love it because that tracklist is basically the mix i've always wanted to make; now i don't have to make it :)


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bah, what's the big deal, i gave the big-ups and snuck in a link :p

btw after one listen this mix sounds -way- too rushed, but perhaps it's because these songs aren't layed out the way i would lay them out

then again, that's just one listen, and i wasn't paying much attention, i'd just notice that an entire song would go by and i didn't get a chance to actually hear it :) (the FPU track would be a good example, i love it to death and felt it was merely glossed over)''

though i suppose at 18 tracks you haven't even got the time to let each one play out :p


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bah, rushed shmushed - sure it's quick, but the alternative is like 10 tracks over an hour and then it's too drawn out. i like the a.d.d. mixing, then if you find a track on here you really love, you can (soul)seek it out yourself and enjoy it in all its 12 minute glory :)


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thanks for the replies, a lot of these records had been collecting dust since my electro days in montreal, was good to play them again.

and while this mix may be nothing much for the purists, i think we can all enjoy some catchy music that is still deep and moving. if anyone knows me you'll know that I play music either for people to enjoy themselves balls-out, or to get completely lost in. this mix kinda straddles both

if anyone else has given this a listen, i'd love to hear to your feedback:)

thanks again...


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I'm listening to this mix now, and it's makin' me moooove. I'd love to hear this on a BIG system in a club- I wouldn't be able to stop dancing! The only bad thing is I can't download this on my mp3, so I can storm around town :)
Great mix Rich, I would've loved to hear you play this shit....especially in Montreal.
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Just giving it a listen to it now...great stuff as usual Rich.

The Interpol to start it off is great, and I love that crunchy number that comes in at about 32:00.