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"girls can be cruel" by infusion LYRICS???


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anyone know where i can find them on the internet or if you have them can you please post them? Thanks.

I keep finding lyrics for other songs but because this is not a top 40 song it's tough. cheers :)
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I thought you were just being nice by saying that you liked the song.. I am glad you actually like the infusion stuff.


oh the lyrics:

"your mom is cruel looking...and she is so fat that all of us just say... girls can be cruel...... girls can be cruel.. girls can be cruel...GIRllllls can Be CrUELs11111!#


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I just found the album phrases and numbers ... all the way in australia for 22.00 dollas.

last one.

it says that it was released in 2002??..

so they had doen a lot of this tracks a while ago and didn't release them up until recently..as they got signed.
but sorry ..don't know the lyrics of that particular song.


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by the way.. I haven't listened to that song closely in a while.. but from what I remember the lyrics are very clear.. so what the hell??
can't you make out the lyrics from the song itself right away!

c;mon lad!
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