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Girl pukes while pushing the button for Above & Beyond


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Image courtesy MEttinger Photography and Global Dance Festival


English electronic music trio Above & Beyond are known for letting fans push the play button during pauses in their sets. But though the idea is simple enough in theory, in practice, there’s still room for error.

This was made apparent at the group’s recent set in Denver, Col., when a lucky fan, who had been asked to kick off the set, made a mess of things. Literally.

A photo (seen above) has emerged that shows a fan projectile vomiting on Above & Beyond’s gear as member Jono Grant looks away with a priceless expression on his face.

[STRIKE]As yet, no video has emerged of the slip-up, but even if one does, would you really want to watch it?[/STRIKE]

Check out a video of the mishap below (if you’re into that kind of thing).

For their part, Above & Beyond bravely played on. Yuck.

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I feel bad for all parties involved. There's no way you'll ever really "remove" all the chunks under the platter.

You just might have a "smell" every now and again. They'll probably put that one on craigslist.
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Props to A&B for finishing the set - how many dj's would continue with that kind of biological disaster all over the decks and mixer? That, in my eyes, is some dedication.

Fuck, how many actual people would want to touch that equipment after that chick did a technicolor yawn all over it? I know it'd be Fear Factor territory for myself.


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This chick was finally able to encapsulate the exact feeling brought on by an above and beyond dj set.

Say what you will about A&B's style of music, I give them all the credit for their offshoot Anjunadeep label. They're cranking out some awesome deep vocal house on that side.