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Girl forum?! *sulk*


TRIBE Member
I call "unfair!" in a loud and clear, oniony breathed voice!!

This is unacceptable that girls get their own forum and the guys do not. It is no longer a man dominated world.

There's no such thing as the glass ceiling now, its now a glass floor allowing women to see the inadequacies of men as they tip top across the thin illusion of their own importance! men are useless without the support of women, and we all know it!

Why do girls get their own rule, their own area... girls are not breaks! girls are not trance! Girls don't have roll calls! Some do, but not you girls!

women are not music. sure you can play one like a fiddle, make her sing, if you're good with your hands, but can't you do the same with a man. HELL YES, SAYS LOK!

needless to say, I am unimpressed, ladies. unimpressed and extremely jealous.

I wish I was a girl. harumph. :mad:
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yes ma'am.... :(

edit: yeah, lets take over the calgary room... only beers and queers... gotta have a penis to visit alberta sorta deal. val, you can still come.
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I wish I was a woman. then I could bad mouth my friends behind their back and complain about pms acnes and not being thin all day.

more so.


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well krzysiu, I think there may be an opportunity to become an honorary member of the girls stuff forum if you're real nice to us.

First off, you'll have to let us dress you up and put makeup on you.

Next, you'll have to sit around and listen to us bitch and moan about whatever we please, especially men.

Pay close attention, this one is very important: you should always have chocolate on hand. Its a great way to win points with us. (to win points with me specifically, you should bring me puppies to play with on occasion).

Thats a good list to start with. By my guess you already have 2 of 3 requirements down pat.
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