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Gin: The comeback kid


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Gentlemen, Gentlemen,

The time has come to tip our hats off to gin, and the many, many cocktails that it can provide us.

It's gets girls naked, makes us feel like kings and doesn't break the bank.
I personally feel that this one spirit can create mountains with cocktailing. It's got so much balance and flavour. Sometimes, people are afraid of it. Yes, I know. Gin is 'different' than 'vodka'. Whatever. Gin has far more going on than what 'vodka' has.

Most of the tastiest libations I have happened upon consist of gin.
The French 75
The Gimlet
Tom Collins
The classic Martini
G & T (of course)
Gin flip
Gin fizz
The white lady (it's not bad, I swears)

I personally swear by Plymouth gin for all my cocktail creations. It's very neutral tasting, yet complex and quite lovely. My backup is always Tanqueray. Bombay can kiss my ass.


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Plymouth for cocktails
Hendricks for straight up, Tom Collins, and G&T off shoots.
I really like Beefeater 24, it has amazing flavor and rolls off very smooth.


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Although I disagree with your comments on vodka, I do agree that gin is the under-appreciated spirit. I'll admit, I don't remember the last time I had a gin cocktail.

I prefer a classic -- the gin a tonic with a twist of lime. Especially now that they make diet tonic. What is in this white lady you speak of?

As for brands, my brand of choice is Broker's gin. A twixer comes with a little black bowler hat on the cap, and I like to wear this while I get intoxicated. This way I look just as classy as the gin makes me feel.


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The white lady was developed by a bartender in the Savoy's famous American bar back in the 30's. It's exactly like a sidecar but without the brandy. It's delicious. Every time I have a lady over I mix her one of these - and they love em.

2/4 gin
1/4 cointreau
1/4 lemon juice

Shake and then double strain if you're using freshly squeezed lemon juice.

These are awesome on hot summer days.
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I think Gin is far more viable in complex cocktails than vodka. It has an enhancing flavor that is much easier to blend with citrus accents while still being the 'hard' in your mix. Premium vodkas just tend to taste like absolutely nothing until you use quantities which make their ethanol content come forward. In general, I use gin for anything fruit/citrus/fresh and vodka for chocolate/cream/umami etc.

Heres a great G&T -

1 1/2 oz hendricks
slice of muddled cucumber
fresh black pepper
1/2 oz lime juice
splash of simple
topped with tonic

Build in a rocks glass.

More refreshing than a shower in Sudan.
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now that sounds tasty!
Try this with a modified Pimms' cup. Same recipe as you described, but add in a part of Pimm's and see your fortune from there.


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awesome article. Finally, more people in this city that feel just the same way as I do about that spirit.

Many times have I ordered a classic martini at a restaurant and have been slipped vodka. But times are changing. Like I said, gin is the comeback kid. It will rise once again.
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I just started enjoying gin a few years ago. I have only tried Amsterdam, Tanqueray and Bombay. Personally I don't know what the beef is over Bombay... I really enjoy it. I normally have dry bombay martini, 4 shakes, w/ an olive.


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Generally, Bombay has the weakest flavour profile out of most London Dry Gins, but it's priced at a premium, which still confuses me. I never touch Bombay myself. If I'm going to do any London Dry Gin I always stick with Tanqueray. Great price, great gin. Beefeater 24 is also quite delicious, as is Plymouth (which is my favourite so far - but not a london dry gin - It's the best I find, for cocktails or a proper Martini) you should give those a whirl.

Sal De Ban

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the charlie sheen:

3oz gin
7g rock

pour into a highball glass, and smash over forehead, and exclaim "WINNING!" while blood drips over the bridge of your nose.


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oxley gin, amazing new technology, cold/ice distilled gin, refreshing with a great nose to it, some subtle flavours in there but its just a great, smooth gin!

also i entered a bombay sapphire mixology competition and met the head global brand ambassador for bombay, i asked him if bombay had ever experimented with other flavours along the lines of a hendricks etc.. he said they were introducing a new line of bombay with 2 more flavours, adding black pepper and lemon i believe..

sounds interesting
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and it's only $75 for the bottle! Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Had to get a bottle through my restaurant though - frikin consignment.


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Went back to basics with gin last night -- gin, club soda, and a squeeze of lime. So crisp, so refreshing.

I stand by my earliest sentiments on this spirit. Gin: it's like a walk in the woods on an autumn day.


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...Premium vodkas just tend to taste like absolutely nothing until you use quantities which make their ethanol content come forward.
Which is EXACTLY what vodka is suposed to taste like - i.e. Add vodka for drunkenness not for its own flavor.


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i experimented with more gin last night at my restaurtant

1 oz gin
1 oz aperol
a squirt of lemon juice

shake, strain into a rocks glass. fill with ice and top with prosecco

fucking tasty shit

Boss Hog

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Comeback? Gin never went away.

Dirty bacon martini

2 oz gin
2 tbs bacon-stuffed olive brine
3 bacon-stuffed olives
a splash of vermouth if you're a pussy.

anyone who thinks martinis are made with anything other than gin can fuck right off.
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