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Gillette is gonna commit MOIDA - Dollar Shave Club

glych t.anomaly

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this is hilarious.

Dollar Shave Club - Our Blades Are F***ing Great

i buy Gillette Mach 5 razors, however one of the blade cartridges will last me quite some time even with my man beard, but i dont shave everyday, i would say maybe i use 8 - 10 cartridges a year shaving.

thats still 50$ a year minimum, not including if i lose or want to replace the actual cartridge wand ( thats right, i called it a wand )

theoretically i would say with pack of 8 cartridges and 1 - 2 wands im looking at about 80$ a year not including shaving cream to shave.

now i left the Mach 3 which is their base offering well over a decade ago.

the Mach 4 , i havent used since the Mach 5 came out, and at 9$/month incl s/h thats still 108$ a year.

so i guess for me to really know whether this service would be worth it, i would need to start shaving every other day, see how many cartridges i go through in a month, and then decide if its worth it.

but a brand new blade would easily last me more than a week even shaving every other day.


based upon your current shaving habits, would you benefit from this service? does monthly delivery of blades sound awesome to you?

hell even the ladies could use this, except they dont get those fancy spatula looking razor scepters with giant sweeping parabolic wings that make it impossible to do any precision shaving as a man when you forgot your razor at home.

also they have a video, its pretty good.

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I bought myself a traditional double-edged merkur safety razor and a complete kit for xmas and I don't ever see myself going back to cartridges (for my face anyway, i'm still scared to touch my head with it). The kit I bought came with a sampler pack of 24 blades which will likely last me a year or so. After that, a replacement pack of blades will run me approximately $0.10 to $0.25 per blade.

I also find the traditional shave method to be a little more enjoyable than just chucking some guk on my face and scraping it off with a shitty razor.

The kit I bought:
MenEssentials 538B Black 5-piece Shaving Set | MenEssentials
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I'm reluctant to try safety razors only because I've never used them. Any drawbacks to using one? Is it much easier to cut oneself with them?


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I'm reluctant to try safety razors only because I've never used them. Any drawbacks to using one? Is it much easier to cut oneself with them?

You will definitely get more nicks than a cartridge razor, but they are called safety razors for a reason. Only a small amount of the blade is accessible to the skin, so it's not like you can maim yourself on them. I've done 5-6 shaves with the safety razor now and the first two I nicked my neck quite a lot, after that it has been smooth sailing. There are also good products to treat nicks like Alum blocks or styptic pens; they close up nicks instantly.

Closer Shave
You may start to view shaving as an enjoyable activity than a chore.
Blades are much cheaper
Shaving soaps are such a better product than OTC shaving creams it's not even funny (the scents alone make them worth investing in)

To get the best possible shave with a safety razor your routine will likely be a little longer. Safety razors don't have a lubrication strip like cartridges do, so you can't do multiple passes over un-lathered skin. Therefore, you typically have to do two passes to get a complete shave. You may find your shaving routine is elongated by a couple of minutes.
The initial nicks may throw some off, but you'll get over it quickly.

If you do decide to get into it, there are a tonne of completely obsessed people on youtube that make videos on how to get the best out of a traditional wet shave. for example: geofatboy - YouTube


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Btw: the Men Essentials stores I linked in my first response is on the Danforth and the guys working there are shaving obsessed too. If you went in there and smelled some of the shaving soaps they have (like the Kent soap that comes in the kit), I guarantee you'll walk out of there with something.
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I buy my Mach 3 blades in bulk on eBay. I can get away with a couple of days' stubble, so I shave around 2-3 times/week. I remove the stupid lubricating strip which gums up the blade and clean the razor with really hot water after each shave. One blade will last me up to 3 months.


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My dad gave me one of these about a month ago and I'm slowly getting used to it:


I also started using this product, which is incredible! No more after shave, just a one step process. I can't recommend this enough. All natural goodness, and it's made in Canada!


I bought myself a fog free mirror and I always shave in the shower now. Shaving has never been more fun!!


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I found that, if I shave every day anyway, I can get away without using any shave gel, so long as I shave right after a shower. I can't tell the difference between using shave cream and doing a careful job than my el cheapo technique.

This may save money, but more importantly it saves time. In the morning, every minute counts, literally, for me. I hit that snooze button like a mouse in a coke-box.

And they do last quite long, I see why they make them so expensive -- not because they're hard to make (I'm sure a plant in China somewhere could go from 0 to H with the turn of a large dial) but because "the market will bare it".

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you cannot have just seen this for the first time

grow a beard, no more shaving!

You still gotta shave eye holes every now and then!

I was using mach 3s then got tired of 25/box. So I switched to the store brand "3" cartridge razors @$5/box and they suck.

I was going to go back to the gillette, but how much do one of those fancy old timey razors go for? Can you just shave with soap with them too?


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Safety razors rule.

They have saved me $$$. I have a Merkur. I think I spend $10 a year on blades? I don't find I get cut or knicked any more than with a cartridge.


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I was going to go back to the gillette, but how much do one of those fancy old timey razors go for? Can you just shave with soap with them too?

From men essentials, you can get a basic kit for 55$
Sets - Razors & Blades - Shaving | MenEssentials

Or just a razor with no accessories for 35$
Safety Razors - Razors & Blades - Shaving | MenEssentials

As for the soap, I think there is something different about the makeup up shaving soap vs bar soap, bar soap would leave your skin pretty dry in a flash. You can use normal shaving cream from a bottle too, it's just subpar to a good shaving soap/cream. You can also use any old mug or bowl from around the house to lather up the soap/cream.

You can get a decent soap for 7$
Soaps - Shaving Products - Shaving | MenEssentials

A brush for 10$
Mens Brushes, Travel Shaving Brushes, Badger Hair Brushes, Silvertip | MenEssentials
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I bought a Merkur but the handle was too slippery to hold, but my early 1950's era Gillette safety razor is fantastic.
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