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Gift ideas for meterosexuals

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A watch - you can never have too many

A japanese dinner plate set... every good metrosexual should have a set and be able to make superb sushi

A beautifully modern desktop clock


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'Thought of some more...

A fine leather briefcase/bag... you know, the strap over one shoulder type. Metrosexuals should not be seen carting their paperwork in anything canvas.

Wine glasses


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Here are my picks (always listen to homosexuals for metrosexual advice because well, you know):

For $500, you can get numerous gifts.


Every good metrosexual will LOVE you for getting them this. It's available at Holt's and Sears downtown and costs a fortune.


For those fancy picnics, a blanket with a leather strap is perfect. If you can't afford the $395 Burberry's one, go for the knock off which is on sale at the AGO gift shop for $49. It's really beautiful and I believe it's wool. In a grey plaid so it's different than the usual tartan.



Everyone can appreciate David Lachapelle. Hotel Lachapelle is his second, more dynamic book. It can be found for about $70 at the AGO, Pages or other book stores. It's a staple for a wannabe-chic home.


Every metrosexual enjoys a good cocktail now and then. Why not stand out from the standard silver and go for vintage? Vintage martini sets are all the rage in Chelsea. They can be ordered online or found in specialty stores on Queen Street.


Even though it's totally for gay men, hot underwear cannot be beat. At $60 a pop, he'll thank you under his breath when his date rips opens his pants to find not one, but TWO reasons to smile. Gucci is too gay. Hugo Boss, DKNY Pure and Burberry's all work. Fuck the Calvin Klein and Tommy bullshit. You have $500.


While the luxury kicks up the gay notch, complement his fag side with something from both worlds: sleek electronics. Personal, long-lasting and expensive. $379.

Don't listen to these other guys. Behind every metrosexual is a gay man. At your service (but not without dinner and a drive home). *snap snap*
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Assuming he doesn't have fat wrists, wrist cuffs will please any metrosexual. An assortment from Courage My Love. At $12 a pop, he'll jump around like a schoolgirl. Will it be RED or the black one today!!!??? They also have ones on sale at the men's store at Queen and John that sells all the Hugo Boss and Lindeberg stuff. Right next to Second Cup for onyl $20.


Jack Spade is Kate Spade's husband's line. Durable and with a lifetime warranty, they will make him the chicest of the chic. Unavailable at Holt's and only available in the States, Jack Spade is the epitome of yuppie chic. At $300 a wallet, he'll get noticed for sure carrying this male carry-all. Various styles and colours are available online at eluxury.com at sale prices.

Diro ties are fucking nice. Especially if they are Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane. Forget the other ones. Make sure it's a Slimane design. On sale sometimes for about $100 and up.


In every metrosexual, there's a thug. TP5 hoodies will satisfy his wigger side. Probably the only hip-hop label that is as metrosexual as Stussy used to be.


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yo those are pretty nifty ideas sunny.

and I am not a metrosexual..but ... there are some cool ideas there.


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Though these compilations have bastardized the dub and chillout genres, it IS one of the only places you can find all the good tracks without actually having to sift through lots of artists to get their albums. Great for a date, great for guests, great for cocktail parties, great for the train ride to work. A huge selection at Music Authority, an indie cd store at 500 Church (at Wellesley).


Kelis is coming to down. Take him.


You really can't lose with this Puma jacket.


Clear or tempered glass vases in geometric shapes can work in any home. Especially a metrosexual's loft.


Every dandy carries a cigarette case for those fancy (pr pretend fancy) nights out.


And while he's out, a great conversational piece is a Dunhill lighter (some actually "ding" when lit). Expensive as fuck but he will always be lighting someone's fag in style. Or go for a vintage one similar to this one. They also make leather ones that are fabulous. Check antique stores or the antique market in the St. Lawrence Market on Sunday.


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Originally posted by L'ilMisSunshine
No. For a cool, urban, artistic guy.

Um, looks like you don't know urban people very well.

ALL urban artsies would die for platinum seats (like me).

There's beer (SERVED to me), there's hot man roughhousing, there's lots of other yuppies sitting nearby.
Done and done.


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On another note, I FOUND MY SWEATER!!!! The one that Beck's wearing. So I can't afford his $595 Burberry Prosum one. So a cheaper one will suffice. :) And I got it for 60% off. I rule.
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Big Cheese

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just get him a nice bottle of wine n' a book with interesting photos 'er summfin

dinner, do something nifty like swing dance lessons or waltz n' stuff

oh oh take him to some classes @ the LCBO, those are always fun times

the end



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No, metrosexuals don't want to do anything. It's all about luxury and hedonism. Which means no effort.

LEARNING is anti-metrosexual.

That's why I hate metrosexualism and hipsterism. No actual sincerity.
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mirror from snow white (well that's my creative interpretation anyway :) )

or were you joking about the question?
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