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Ghost Recon

docta seuss

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pc version to be released this friday biatches..

i've heard it's a system-hog of the worst variety though.. as in if all your components aren't brand spanking new, you'll be lucky if you can get it to chug along.

i just had to order a x1800 xt, because the high-detail texture setting is not available to those with vid cards with less than 512mb.


also, the devs used deferred shading for their lighting implementation, which means no anti-aliasing.

oh yeah, and the asus AGEIA ppu card is due out soon methinks.. that could make things interesting, though i've heard the physics in GR:AW are top-notch regardless.. as in leaves moving when you shoot through them, nearly fully-destructible environments, and nice little details such as high-calibre weapons being able to shoot through certain surfaces that small-calibre weapons cannot, etc.


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