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Ghislain Poirier @ FW - Thusday


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(from his myspace profile)
Montrealer Ghislain Poirier is obsessed with big dirty beats, which is why he creates ragga style riddims and deconstructed abstract hip-hop. He collaborated with Beans (Warp), DJ/rupture (Tigerbeat6), TTC (Big Dada) and Lotek Hi-Fi (Big Dada); remixed UK sensation Lady Sovereign (Def Jam), Les Georges Leningrad and Pulseprogramming. He released in 2005 the album “Breakupdown” on Chocolate Industries and went on tour with Lady Sovereign in North America in December 2005 ! Also, Poirier is throwing down his own and successful monthly DJ night in Montreal, the “BOUNCE LE GROS” night. Pretty soon, Poirier is starting his own label "Rebondir Records" with the "Rebondir EP" (release : April 18th).
m'a t'rebondir moé, stie!!
I can't imagine a better pre-radioactivity party to go to.
I'm out of commission for ONE weekend and I feel like I'll be gone FOREVER.

meh - any reason to party is a good reason to party.
surtout si Monsieur Poirier is in town.
:0 :0 say what what?
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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i am SO looking forward to this!
i plan on being elegantly wasted by midnight.:0

ok - so maybe not so elegant-like...


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THis event should be HOT.
Last week it was interesting to hear Disco D's re-invented take n Brazillian Booty house. Nice to see promoters and a club taking a chance on new styles of music. Especially nice to hear onna killer system like Footwork's!!
Poirier has been getting loads of props for his crazy take on urban muisic.
Check the press for Toronto's weeklies:

I also found a promo mix


you may have to paste it into your browser window.

See you on the dance floor!!