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Ghetto-Spectacular Meals / Food Combinations

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Here's a combination that sounds gross, but is really tasty:

fruit-topped cheesecake (with the graham crumb crust) as a dip for green, red peppers.

Holy crap, it's like there's a party in your mouth, and everyone's invited!

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the quad-pizza thread got me thinking about unexpectedly delicious food combinations, and figured there are probably a few really easy food combinations that could be quite delicious.
and this weekend I busted up my ankle so standing around making overly complex meals is a pain in the ass (or ankle rather), so Im looking for some super easy food combinations or meals that are light on the wallet and effort.

for instance, I've discovered that mixing a can of "Dynamite Hot" Stagg Chili into a pot of Kraft Dinner is a spectacular equivalency of almost a Hamburger Helper type meal, but only required 2 pots and about 8 minutes of boiling to make!

so anyone else have any delicious, yet cheap and easy to make recipes?


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Kraft Dinner is the most versatile thing in the world.

I made a "taco salad" last night with it.

Kraft Dinner
Beef (with El Paso taco spices)
Sour Cream
Shredded Lettuce

Make Kraft Dinner but instead of using milk or butter to mix the cheese powder, use sour cream.

Then add the beef.

Then top it off with salsa and shredded lettuce.



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oooh the stagg chilli.. how I've missed you. I worked at a company for several years that would stockpile stagg for the unfortunate overtime worker (along with other things.) That, piping hot, covered in melted cheese, is just terrible and wonderful at the same time.

We'd also do microwave kraft dinner with tuna and melted cheese.

I can't belive I'm admiting to this.
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judge wopner

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boil water,
place pasta inside,
boil until cooked,
drain water,
put pasta in bowl,
crack 1 egg and little bit of raw garlic per portion in bowl with bits of salami or procustto, and 1 diced tomato.

stir for 1 minute to cook egg,



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Want a can or two of Stagg? I'm in Canada right now, back in europe in a couple weeks :)

I already have 'orders' from various people for beef jerky, maple syrup candies, etc...


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K-D and a can of tuna is pretty tasty

What can't K-D do?

Nowadays, when I'm looking for a quick bite, I'll usually just throw a sausage on the bbq, add a bun & sauerkraut and it's perfect.


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stargurl* said:
Want a can or two of Stagg? I'm in Canada right now, back in europe in a couple weeks :)

I already have 'orders' from various people for beef jerky, maple syrup candies, etc...

Get the beef jerky from Healthy Butcher! You will never go back!
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[- FuNKtiOn -]

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supakeli said:
K.D is rancid.
Never even ate that shite when I was a kid.
you should at least try the Sharp Cheddar KD. it fully redeems the lackluster cheesiness that may have originally turned you off the product.
Beans and toast are where its at.
yeah, my spin-off is "Beaners" - taking baked beans and slicing a bunch of hot dog weiners into it. havent done that in a while actually. gonna have to give this a go again.


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Weinies & Beans!
Good call.

And no, I will never eat K.D in any form as long as I live.

Oh, yah. I also usted to live on canned meatballs and gravy when I was a teenager.
Delicious squishy gray meat blobs.
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It's summer now and time to lose the gut. I think Prime Rib at the Keg and a few pints to wash it down must now be replaced with clean and healthy home cookin'.


Anyone know of any cookbooks catering to FAST EASY HEALTHY meals for incredibly lazy people (well... I like to cook, but if it takes more than 10-15 minutes tops, I'm gonna go hit up ginger or green mango).


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seriously whats the fascination with KD? it tastes terrible and way too processed.
just cook some pasta and add some real cheese to it!


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Noodles your choice, or empty all those half full packages, cook...
Can of Tuna
Cheese (shredded cheddar or what not)
Can of "Creamy" Soup
Ruffles Chips
Salt and Pepper

Cook the noodles, drain, add tuna, cheese, milk, soup, salt and pepper... Mix well... Crush the chips on top, and bake for 35 minutes...

You can add other items as well...
So damn good!
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supakeli said:
Beans and toast are where its at.
Agreed. I lived off this shit in college.
Also, chips on bread is good.
Fries on bread is even better.
Tuna on toast.
Ok, anything on bread/toast is the shit.


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Grilled cheese sandwiches have so many possibilities - add some fresh grilled bacon, some onions, even pickles = magic in your mouth
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