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Getting T-shirts printed.

Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member
I was wondering if anyone knew what it might cost to get a logo printed on a bunch of t-shirts.
I'm only talking about 15-20 shirts here, and I may or may not be getting something written on the back too.
Single colour, nothing fancy.
If you can recommend a place to do it too, that would be helpful.



TRIBE Member
hey Jo....

Check out a place called Masterworks.

Set Up charge is about $20-$30, depending on # of colours, but it is a one time fee, so everytime you go back it's just to cost of screening.

For a one colour logo, you're look at about $1-$1.50.

# 905-940-1744 - Masterworks

Smiley Jo

TRIBE Member

Thanks for those suggestions, anyone else have any?

BTW Keith, your shirts an original, I wouldn't even think about making any!

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