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Getting Spanked

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Dirt Dawg

TRIBE Member
I haven't been spanked as an adult... but I have this constant disire to give spankings

I don't know why... mostly just a moderate spanking....nothing painful.

I love female ass:D
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The Tesseract

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My ex-gf loved to be spanked.
I spanked her once, and it left a mark for about 3 days.
She loved it. Yes, she was very weird.
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and Mongo thought all girls liked to get spanked once and awhile.....:confused:



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I like garden hoses stuck in my ass, and then turned on full blast.

Its's also good for you, so there's a double benefit.


TRIBE Member
Funny...the director at my kindergarten just offered to come over last night with a stick.

Never really tried it, but I don't think I'd be into it.

I wouldn't mind doing the spanking, though.
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