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getting rid of spyware??


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my younger cousin was using my computer a week or so ago, and got it infested with about 64 different spy bots etc.

spy hunter & spybot s&d got rid of all of them, except for the most annoying one...

every time i startup windows, the homepage for internet explorer is set to a porn page, i'll set it back to msn.ca

and next time it starts up, porn page again...

any ideas??

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Spybot search and destroy



check out tweakxp.com

there is the links for both of those programs. use both, as one detects stuff the other dosn't.


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i've run both spybot s&d AND spyhunter.....

but every time the computer is started up again, the homepage is porn again :confused:

Jay..... i replied to your pm :)
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You probably have a browser helper object tagged onto your browser, that keeps resetting things everytime you start up your browser

Spybot can remove this also, go to tools -> BHOs. Then you can see what is set to start up with your browser and remove anything illegitimate.

Also consider using a more secure browser (like Firefox) which isn't as prone to exploits, trojans, hacks, etc. as IE.