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Getting rid of "hum" ...


So i'm about to record something today and i find that there's this ultra annoying hum going on in the background of whatever i'm playing.
Anybody have any suggestions as to how to correct this?

And yes, the turntables are all grounded.
In fact, the hum is still there if i disconnect all the turntables.

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I'd look at the connecting wires first for anything obvious like damaged cables or bad connections. If theres nothing noticable then start disconnecting all components, one by one. When the hum stops you'll know what piece caused it.


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Make sure everything is plugged into the same socket on the wall.

But it sounds like you have either electrical interference from something or a ground problem in your wiring at your place.
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Thanks guys.

I tried a different cord and it works fine now.
Weird though as i thought i had only 1 rca to miniplug cord.
Now i know why i always only used the one.