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getting music to ipod without itunes


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I did a bit of searching but it was hard to find something specifically for this..

I'd like to ad some music to my buddy's ipod but my iphone is synced with my itunes on my laptop.... which I believe means I can't plug my buddy's ipod into my itunes to ad music.

I believe I need some other program that lets you ad tunes to ipods without using itunes...

any recos?


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You can use iTunes.

Just drag and drop songs from either your Music section of iTunes or from Windows Explorer directly to the playlist of your buddies iPod.

Unless it's an iPod Touch/iPhone as well...then you might need another option.

Aerius Zension

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iPhones make it very difficult to use another music management player. I personally use Media Monkey, but when there's new updates, Media Monkey won't get the stuff from Apple their devs need in a timely fashion to write to it. In fact, Apple Mobile Device Support won't even let me run Media Monkey unless I shut it off in task manager.

You're best to use the latest version of iTunes.