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Getting into the calgary Scene... if there is one?

Discussion in 'Calgary' started by Mortyman, Aug 2, 2001.

  1. Mortyman

    Mortyman TRIBE Member

    Hey everyone from Alberta and B.C, have some news, I'm from the Toronto area, and I'm moving out to Alberta... either Banff or Lake Louise or Vancouver (don't ask where yet, it's still in the process of a few phone calls, so I just want to know what the party scene is like out there!!! I've been partying hard for the past month and I'll be heading out this September. I don't care... I'll make the drive to Calgary... or even Vancouver, to hit an awesome party, just tell me where it's at, I'll be looking for fellow partiers while I'm out there, so give me a a shout as to what to expect, and what to look for!! Thanks, Mortyman!

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