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Getting blocked on Facebook


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I know and worked with a very nice woman in northern Kentucky.

It doesn't matter where she's from or what she does or is, she just happens to be the most recent. So I'll use her as an example.

Sometimes, you, I, we, meet up with really kind, and very "simple" people. Warm hearted, they believe the whole world is and should be some kind of apple pie or banana bread.

Enter me. An alcoholic human rights avenger who has witnessed people die at my feet.

Me. A person who's had his ear ripped off and who has also banged the shit out of thiefs. "get off my lawn"? I keep a shotgun under my bed.

It's 10am on a Sunday. I imagine that she is in Church right now. Praying.

As time passes I am becoming less social and I notice this objectively, if it matters, by the "friend count" on facebook. It keeps going down, down, down. I don't specifically know who is unfriending me, so I guess it doesn't matter.

This board is supposed to be about nightlife and partying. Recently all I hear is political nonsense and who has the most recent baby.

Can we return this board to its origins about how to party and how to do it well?

Catch me on a payday, bring a camera, bring truth to the things I say.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Boss Hog

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I use the Social Fixer app which makes it possible to filter out things like "Rob Ford" and "UFC". It's not foolproof though.

It does tell me when someone unfriends me though. Which is quite often because they've deactivated their accounts. However, the odd time when that's not the situation, I don't really care because we weren't really good friends to begin with.


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Boss Hog is a great character.

I know I've been quite terrible in all the times we've met.

Most of the times we've met have been at the Tribe BBQ, thank you AlexD for those opportunities.

Yes, quiet, momentary intros.



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Keeping up appearances online is a noble pursuit. Decorum must be upheld.

Our bar tab was 290$ this afternoon.

A "friend" just phoned me about a "tote".

I was just getting dressed, about to hail a cab, and I get this bad news about a "tote" of a chemical that is apparently, causing bad news.

Yes well a "tote" is common language for 1000 litres. That is, one thousand litres.

Well I was just getting ready to go to my favourite Egyptian restaurant. I go there on Sundays, because they do not serve alcohol. But, seems like, maybe I should go somewhere else.

This "tote" nonesense seems like it's really going to fuck my sleep.

Do us all a favour, stop buying cars made from steel.

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Bernnie Federko

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Jeff, it is not Rape if you consent.

Our server had a bodacious body. Mid 20's, supple and lean. Made me yearn. It was worth the price of admission.