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Getting arrested on the bus


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I don't remember exactly to whom or how this happened,

Other than, to me, of course,

Having had an impeccable dinner at Northern Thai, with a friendly neighbourhood tenant, I made my way to the bus, to find an environmentally friendly way home.

My work actually gives us all a bus pass, which normally is only $76 per month and is a really great alternative to driving. Especially if you're me walking out of Northern Thai. It takes a bit of getting used to but KW Transit (actually Grand River Transit) is actually very good. BUS SIX: Our mission, to go where no bus has gone before. Except we go there every day. Actually every half hour.

So there I am, belly full of Thai, sitting on the bus, and three cops come on. Every time I see cops I'm like "Oh, this isn't going to work out well for me."

Of course, they were looking for me. I immediately go into the fifth.

Turns out I made some comment or hit on some guy in the bus station. It must have been in passing because I don't remember the guy or the comment.

But seriously. Women get hit on all the time, they don't send cops into the bus about it.

Who am I, Alan Turing?

The thankful outcome was that they looked at me, walked away. Nonetheless, we're paying for this "service". Bus six stops at several pubs and I chose one, ordered $100 of wings, and complained to my all male company: "My name's Jeff"

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How do you eat 100$ of wings or is it metaphorical?? $50 maybe but 100$ gtfo and for that reason I call bullshit


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he didn't say he ate $100 worth, he said he "ordered". he could easily have ordered a round of wings for the entire bar