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Getting arrested for awesome stunts

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those guys are in their 30s?

that's the type of reckless shit you do when you're 20. too bad there weren't smartphones or usefull digital cameras when i was 20. i'd have some pretty cool pics and videos.


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Trust me when I say that having a record because of a mischief charge is far from awesome.
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Tom's very well known in toronto urban exploration circles in addition to his media exposure... critical misstep for him although he's only been snagged with the trespassing charge not the possession of break and enter tools charge thank goodness (for him).

This should put a damper on the rooftopping thing for a while, even more than the recent deaths. Death's a quick exit - legal hassles hang around your neck forever.


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The problem with having a criminal record is getting denied at the border to go discount shopping in Buffalo. These guys just screwed themselves for those black friday deals.