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getting a tv into the office


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the world cup starts this june 9th, and although i am taking three days off to watch polska dominate :)p), I won't be able to take the other days off. however, i'm trying to figure out whether it is possible to pick up the TSN or Sports net feeds from a tv in an office that doesn't have cable. I have a small 13 inch tv we can use for this, and we have high-speed internet (t1) in the office. does anyone know if this is possible?

IF NOT - will the world cup be streamed online live?

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Yes, it's possible. You can setup your home computer and TV to broadcast it on the internet and access it remotely...but I couldn't tell you how to do that. I don't know if it's worth all that trouble when Polska's world cup run is only going to last about a week.

There are also services out there that will allow you to watch tv that other people set up, I'll send you the links tonight.
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Jake, come on....

After that video you posted in the Sports forum of Poland getting scored on by the other goalie FROM HIS OWN END, how well do you really think they can do??


*totally kidding btw*

I'd love a TV in the office. Then I would get absolutely nothing done.


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So I just went outside and I heard a bunch of noise... figured it was coming from the stadium.

Apparently there's a Holland/Mexico friendlies match in an hour.

Who knew!

I messaged my friend Tim to tell him, and he said "that explains the drunken man in orange returning lots of empty beercans to the store, shouting holland" :D