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getAMPED - multiplayer fighting game from Japan!


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GETAMPED! ...incredible multiplayer fighting game from Japan! Only in Japanese, for the time being - but here are instructions for how to get logged on... Once you get through the setup and into the game, it's totally entertaining! There are Windoze and MacOS X (only - no classic) clients. It's about a 25 meg download. Check it out! These are instructions from a mac-only website - but the same instructions apply to Windoze so don't worry.

Getting Started with Get Amped
I'm sure that by this point you've already visited the home page and started downloading GetAmped. If you have, you've already noticed GetAmped's one minor inconvenience; it's in Japanese. Almost all of it, actually. "But Pat," I hear you cry, "How on Earth can we play this awesome, world-shaking game if we can't understand a $($($@#(*$& word?" Never fear, keep reading: armed with about a year of high school Japanese, I, Pat Miller, will walk you step by step through the process of setting up a GetAmped account and configuring the game.

Step 1: Download GetAmped.
-Go to www.getamped.org. Once there, click on the red button on the left side. (It says "Download" in Japanese, for what it's worth)
-Once you're at the Download page, scroll down until you can see Mac OS X and some Japanese. Click the Download button.

Step 2: Register a GetAmped account.
-Go to http://www.getamped.org/user/newentry.jsp. Once there, you should see a few text fields.
-Type your Character's Name in the first field.
-Type your Email Address in the second field.
-Type your Password in the third field.
-As far as I can tell the radio button asks you your gender; the first one is Male and the second is Female.
-The fourth field asks you for a comment - just whatever you want to appear in your character profile.
-Finally, you get to choose a character model. Just pick one; none are permanent, and you have a much greater selection in the ingame menu.
-Finally, click the enter button.
-On the next page, click the link to bring you to My Page. This is your character info page.
-Find your User id number and copy it down.

Step 3: Configure GetAmped for Internet Play.
-Install GetAmped and open it up.
-At the menu screen, navigate to Net Setting.

(For navigating the menus, use the arrow keys to move, X to go back, and V to make a selection.)

-Type in your User ID (NOT character name). It's emailed to you, or you can find it off My Page - it's a string of numbers.
-Type in your password.
-Go back to the main menu and select Net Play. It'll connect to the master server, download an update, install it and restart the app.

Step 4: Start playing.
-Go to Net Play if you want to play an Internet game.
-The Tournament and Challenge Menus lead you to different games. If there are people playing, go play!
-If you want to change your character's combat style, items, appearance or just check out the stats, go to Status.
-For chatting, go to Chat. Duh. Send a message by pressing Esc, typing, and hitting enter to send. You can actually do this from anywhere, not just the Chat menu. This is also how you chat in a game.

Step 5: Get Amped!
-The default controls are:
•arrows for movement
•v for jump
•c for light attack
•x for heavy attack
•z for target (orients you toward a specfic character)
-Special commands include:
•x+c to block attacks
•double-tap and hold a direction to start running. While running, you can do other attacks.
•and, of course, Esc to chat.

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i went to install the game but i got some error box. what do i do? can i do anything!?

a screenshot is attached.



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Hmm... not sure how it is with Windows but there should be a way to install international character sets (i.e. ANSI-Japan) into Windows before installing the game - Windows 2000 and above, I think, come with international character sets available for install, do they not? - the problem is most likely that the program uses a Japanese character set to draw letters on screen and therefore uses codes that correspond to that set - but not to ANSI-Western - so it'll error out.

For the Mac OS X side, if the Japanese localization isn't already installed with Mac OS X (it is by default), then you can install it by using the Mac OS Update app in your settings...