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get yourself high!!


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does anyone else like this collabo with the chemical bros. and toronto's own K-OS?..........i love the original..........alot of peeps seem to like the felix da housecat remix tho.................also...anyone see the video for this?!?!.......pretty kewl!.......it's pretty available for download on kazaa if you cant see on on the tele....i wanna know if that's a real movie they messed with....(gotta love the kung fu fightin with large ghetto blaster medallions!!)
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i am not a big fan of this track myself.....not even the felix remix (whose remixes i ussually dig).

BUT.....i can't stand "rap". it doesn't pump me up at all and ussually just confuses the groove. (or limits me to what i can gap out on while listening to the track).


"Get Yourself High (switches rely on dub remix)" is freaking great
.....(mainly because it has non of the lyrics....well some..... but, no sentences)

This is obviously a very personal opinion.....many like "rap" with their beats.
but i was asked if i liked it....so....there ya go!

J e l o

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The Switches remix is excellent and I think the original is great too. I didn't like the Felix remix and I usually feel his music is dope.

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I like K-OS, but this collaboration leaves me a little flat. It's great exposure for him working with the Chems though- I usually like it when hip-hop artists work with electronic artists.

The video is really hype!
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