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Get y0 Baby Duck right here! **EURO**


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Wasn't sure exactly where else to post this... I know some of you might appreciate this. For the rest of you, go to hell.

Baby Duck - Don't Forget Your Roots!
Time - 71 minutes

http://carter.ath.cx/music/Psyklone/Baby Duck - Don't Forget Your Roots.MP3

Playahitty – 1-2-3 (Train with Me)
Cartouche – Miracles (Extended Radio Mix)
BKS – Take Control ( Matrix Extended Edit)
Corona – Baby Baby (Lee Marrow Extended Mix)
Taboo – I Dream Of You Tonight (Wildest DJ-Dreams)
Activate – I Say What I Want (Extended A-Team Mix)
Cabballero – Love Is The Message (Maxi Edit)
Technotronic – Recall (On Stage Mix)
Basic Element – This Must Be A Dream (Album Version)
Captain G.Q. – Here I Come (DJ Power Mix)
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Fly (Through The Starry Nigh) (Lick Mix)
Captain Hollywood Project – Flying High (Extended Mix)
Black Rose – Melody (Main Mix)
The Free – Dance The Night Away (Extended Mix)
Netzwerk – Memories (Extended 12” Mix)
Alexia – Summer Is Crazy (Nightfly Mix)
Alter Ego feat. Daisy Dee – Dance (If You Can Not) (Euromix)
Alexia – Me And You (Voltage Mix)
First Base – Love Is Paradise (Club Mix)
E:Motion – Open Your Mind (Italomix)
Darkness – In My Dreams (Nightmare Mix)

Baby Duck


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bahhahah, there's a bunch of montreal dj's who play euro-dance.. i think it's mainly just as a joke though..

interesting. "mr. vain" will always be the best though.. and automatic lover (i have the gabber remix of that one hahahha it rules).


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*actually Psyklone*

You also have a remix of The summer is magic by... Playahitty I think. That's a wikkid ch00n innit m8!




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omfg, i love that one.. hardcore summer haha.. yeah, i love the cheesy eurodance remix's.. i'm guilty!!!
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