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German man wants state-paid sex


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Too funny
crazy Germans, their love for David Hasselhoff and now this

German man wants state-paid sex

The man's claim amounted to more than $3,000 a month
A German court has rejected a claim from an unemployed man who wanted the state to provide him with pornographic material and free visits to a brothel.
The 35-year-old man took his local authority to court after the foreign ministry refused to pay an airfare for his Thai wife to travel to Germany.

He argued that they should compensate him for his lack of sex.

But the court in the southern town of Ansbach said such activities should be paid out of his welfare benefits.

A court spokesman said the man was planning to appeal.

Unfulfilled needs

The unnamed man argued that, as his wife lived in Thailand, the local authority had to compensate him for his "considerable sexual needs".

The 2,500-euro claim (£1,700, $3,050) a month was to fund weekly brothel trips, eight pornographic videos and transport costs to and from a video store.

"I require the brothel visits for my physical and psychological wellbeing," the man said in his application.

But the court said social security benefits already covered "everyday requirements".
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this guy must have seen that episode of "puppets who kill". there was an episode about these hookers who would get paid by ohip to "comfort" terminal patients.
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Who the holy fuck would spend $3,000 a month, when you can download oodles of pr0n on the internet for free?


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Sexual health is looked at a bit different in Europe, so the claim is not to far out, only the reason... Denmark provides prostitutes for seniors and the disabled, so I reckon Germany might do something in the same respect.
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we should set up a fund so that he can have sex with his wife.

I'll start it off with $10

Anyone else?