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German Cannibalizm


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A German cannibal had a werewolf-style urge for human flesh, a court heard as it watched graphic home video footage of him killing and eating an apparently willing victim.

Armin Meiwes, who insists the man he ate had given his consent, was on the lookout for another person when he was arrested for killing and consuming his first victim.

He had allegedly found around 400 potential 'victims' on the internet by the time he was arrested.

A policewoman told the court that Meiwes described his compulsion to police as "a bit like a werewolf" that overcame him every six to eight weeks under a full moon.

On the second day of the trial, the court viewed three 90-minute home videos showing the March 10, 2001 death, dissection and consumption of a Berlin engineer named Bernd-Juergen Brandes.

The footage, taken with the dead man's consent, was judged too gruesome to be shown in public at the court in Kassel, central Germany.

Meiwes first cut off his victim's penis, which they both tried to eat.

Investigators who have examined the videos said Brandes was unconscious but still alive when Meiwes then stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

Meiwes then carved the body into pieces, stored 66 pounds of flesh in a freezer and buried bones and the skull in the garden.

During this time he appeared "excited but not sexually aroused", one police officer said.

The computer technician admits killing and partially eating his victim but denies murder for sexual satisfaction, saying he was fulfilling Brandes' wish to be eaten.
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is that posted at yourself, for not yet realizing that court cases are ongoing?
Dude didn't post a "did you hear about this crazy Kraut", it was an update of what happened in court on Monday.


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Originally posted by kerouacdude

Dude didn't post a "did you hear about this crazy Kraut", it was an update of what happened in court on Monday.

that's exactly what happened !