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George Massenburg - godfather of parametric EQ feb 25th


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The location and time hasn't been set yet, updates via www.torontoaes.org

But yeah, anyone in the recording/music industry should know who this guy is. Always a great lecture/seminar.

Maybe he'll bring some hot gear too.



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Originally posted by groovespinna
there's a good chance this is going to be hosted in the theatre I work in.
Ill definitely confirm if that's the case.
that's funny because i was just about to post the same thing.

where do you work?
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From Toronto AES website...

Event The Future of Audio: Quality Matters
Presenter George Massenburg
Date Sat 25 Feb 2006 <-- Please note, Saturday
Time 3:00 pm <-- Please note start time
Location Lib 72 Lecture Theatre, lower level, Library Building, Ryerson University
Campus Map
Parking Info
Address 350 Victoria Street, Toronto
Corner of Gould and Victoria, One block east of Yonge Street [Dundas Subway]
Complete Bulletin coming soon



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Also there's a London meeting with
Dan Brodbeck - Head Engineer at EMAC studios here in London doing a talk on the industry and current projects.

That meeting will be Tuesday Feb 21st at 630pm
532 Newbold Stree, London
(519) 686-5010 EX 31

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