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George Mammolitti

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The optics are bad.

But he paid 12% on the $200,000 loan.

Hardly a "deal".

Not defending this piece of shit, mind you.
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Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti under investigation following CBC story - Toronto - CBC News
In a statement to the Toronto Star, Mammoliti called the fundraiser a celebration of "my recovery from my recent health concerns," a reference to brain surgery he underwent last spring.

"These unfounded, unjust attacks have taken their toll on him financially and my family on a personal level as well as creating unnecessary distractions for his office staff to deal with," said the invitation, written by Mammoliti's son Michael.
"I am seeking your support for my father so he can continue to fight the good fight at Toronto City Hall and not be held back by the financial burdens these attacks have brought on."

Mammo's fucked.


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several hundred people at $500 a pop.
forfeit of 3 months salary is a start, altho, he's lying, so he should be turfed.
Only fair.
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Can he run for office again if he is under investigation by the police for fraud or whatever it is?


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1. You have to convicted in order to not be able to run.
2. Term limits are a knee-jerk reaction: ranked ballots are a much abetter solution to getting someone like that out.

That, and not only showing up to vote, but actively supporting someone running against him, so as to combat that name-recognition that is akin to voter illiteracy.

So in ward 7, support Keegan Henry-Matthieu.
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