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George Clinton & Parliament / Funkadelic in London, TONIGHT!


TRIBE Member
fuck... after seeing them in July.... I must say this...

GO ! GO ! GO ! GO ! GO ! GO ! GO ! GO !

if you have the opportunity to see them perform... and don't...

you have.... how you say.... sheeet for head.


bounce to this... everybody just bounce to thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

Littlest Hobo

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Patrick, I don't know.

I saw them July 25.

They sucked so bad we left after the 3rd song. Don't get wrong I LOVE P_FUNK.

But the drummer was shitty, and it looks like they thawed George out and wheeled him on stage. So bad, almost ruined P-Funk for me.


[- FuNKtiOn -]

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I thoroughly enjoyed the show.
each song turned into a 15 minute jam, which still held its ground.
a nice 2 hour set got myself groovin'. so many members of the band keeping things fresh. especially the female vocalists. the one h0t girl singing mostly backup, the one woman who's voice was just so "I don't give a fuck" that it came across so smooth and in control, and the chick rocking the rhymes early in the set.

vive le diaperman!