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George Brown (and other) colleges


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Anyone here go to george brown? What did you think about it?

And more generally, consider this situation.

My (japanese) buddy wants to study business abroad (ie not in Japan) in order to improve his english and to move onto an international career. He has just come out of high school recently and the guidance department at his school heavily recommended going to Canada to study because: (the following are the common opinions of educators in the system here, not mine necessarily)

1. The united states is stupidly expensive and considered "foreigner unfriendly"
2. Australia is considered to have a bizarro dialect that is undesirable
3. In the UK they are not allowed to work, also it is almost as expensive as the US
4. Canada is relatively cheap, is famous for it's neutral english accent, 'safe', and considered foreigner friendly.

So, he cannot go directly to University because of incompatibilities in the academic systems and also because his english needs some serious brushing up.

So he is looking at the ESL program at George Brown which then leads into a business program, and thereafter leads into a degree program at an affliliated university (apparently).

ANyways, I was looking at the cost of education for foreign students, and it's absolutely stunningly expensive. The ESL alone is $2050 every 8 weeks (and of course the regular expenses like books, transport, rent, food, beer, etc) The program itself can be about $10,000 a term.

I didn't want to rain on my buddy's excitement and shit but I was thinking "fuck man, when I think back to the classes I had at school, I can't possibly imagine them being worth anything close to $10,000 a term...."

So my question to tribe is, would you consider it *worth it* for that much money? I just somehow have really serious doubts that anyone can get their values worth for that coin....

On the flip side, keep in mind that having an international education, almost regardless of where, is considered pretty prestiguous, and speaking good english opens up all kinds of doors here. Moreover, attending a school in Japan would not be substantially cheaper...

What would you do?

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you think thats bad you should see the fees at u of t for international students..

but that said, its hard to think about it from a Canadian view and compare it to a Japanese view.. think of how expensive things in Japan are compared to Canada. Eg.. a cup of Coffee costs 5 bucks instead of a buck and change like it is here..


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I went to George Brown for business and I can say it was definitley foriegner friendly. I'd have to say at least 30% of the class were international students. So much that it has grown somewhat of a reputation outside of the country. Alot of the asian international student's I've met (many of them who were japanese) in that program were sons and daughters of wealty asian business owners who wanted them to get an english education in business so that they could come back and manage thier businesses. The only drawback I could see with being an international student at George Brown is that the faculty tends to go a bit more easy on international students when it comes to marking and things like that. Something I thought took away from thier education.

As for price, I too was initially blown away by the prices they paid for tuition...but they explained to me that that is the normal price for a post secondary tuiton in ontario. With them being international students, they just don't have the luxury of provincial government paying for a certain amount (last time i checked just under 50% but i'm sure it has gone down) of thier tuitons like we do.