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Genesis 2002


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From Matt:


Posting this through Rob, because I can't seem to get a login to the board.....?
Many thanks to Blaise + Acmelabz for hosting this party..I attended a little more buggered than usual, but Tis the Season, neh?

Monika, sorry I introduced myself 18 too many times....see above for my excuse
Great set, nice belly...all good!

Thanks to Sebastian for the space, i used that ashtray all night I swear!

And many others I introduced myself to, too many times....Thanks!


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Man I danced almost the entire night at this party...THIS was trully a great place to spend New Years...It was like a house party and I liked the fact that the dance area was dark with no crazy lasers and stuff....I can't wait for their next party



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i caught the first half of this shindig. good times. the technical difficulties made it hard to get going.

it was an interestingly introspective experience to have the new years moment pass and be totally alone and isolated in a crowd of people hugging and kissing and well wishing.
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Wow...was this a KILLER party or what!!!! I don't think I had this much fun since Harvest Festival! The muzik was amazing, the DJs did a fabulous job...lets say that my ElektroTek cravings were completely fulfiled! The decorations were awesome...nice dark ambiance for a wicked NYE party! I was really happy to see so many people show up...the venue was killer as well! Film labs are my new fetish
Acmelabz boyz and Blaise--->you guyz rock!!!! Pleasure to party with you all.