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geeksta rap - it's np hard-core

jason klaps

TRIBE Member

Sample lyrics:

DWORD to your moms, I came to drop bombs;
I've got more rhymes than San Jose'sgot dot-coms.
I rep the Farm like 50 reps Queens,
With more power than multitape Turing Machines.
Blowin' up the rap scene faster than factorial functions,
I'm dope like PNP transistors and I'll saturate your junctions.
By the time you've rhymed one line,
I've already busted ten;
You rap in exponential time and I'm big-O of log(n).

MCPlus+ (aka Sir-Code-A-Lot)
Sample lyrics:

There is so much drama in the phd,
and now monzy you tryin' to rap like me
but as much as you try fool, you cant be me
that's like a poly-time algorithm for TSP,
your sorry half-Persian ass wants some beef,
I'm the root node kid and you're just a leaf,
so show me respect before i remove you in log n time,
cause you know my trees are balanced all the time,
man, ill eliminate you like dead code,
I don't discriminate; I'll delete your node
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room