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Geeks/Designers... help... too many fonts


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hey tribe.

a freakin KILLER question for a friday night !

i have a CD full of fonts, literally hundreds, how can i preview these without installing them all ???

it would take too long, and plus i think they are property of the client, so i have to give them back.

ideas ?

is there freeware i can download or something that will allow me to preview right off the cd ?


thanks !
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Plus if you install them all you won't be able to open some programs.

I am pretty sure there is some freeware out there. Usually when you buy a font cd it comes with a font manager program.


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thanks guys

can't find a torrent for suitcase that works

will try again tomorrow morning i guess

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TaCk OnE?

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are you on mac or pc

if you're a mac user I can send you suitcase, although there is a linotype application I'm told is better....but that's neither here nor there if you don't know about suitcase.