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Geek Help Needed... Monitor Probs...


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The colour on my screen has been turning more and more blue over the last two days... becoming unbearable really.

Any ideas on what the problem may be?
Could it be fixed?
Would I just be better off taking the monitor from my fileserver and using it?
it can be alot of different problems.

Your monitor cable migt be bunking out, but it could be a slew of different problems.

For a quick fix, goto your desktop settings (where you can change your resolution etc) and click advanced.

Check for a color tab, and depending on your video card there are different ways of fixing it. Some will have an RGB toggle, in which case, click the blue box, and drop its satuarion levels.

Some just have a warm/cool box, drag the curve more into the warm area to take away the blueness of it all.