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geek help: disabling windows messenger


Staff member
I have just had to reinstall windows XP pro on a computer and I am being deluged by these stupid "install .net passport which is needed to run messenger" notifications which seem to be emanating from the task bar.

How do i get rid of them? I don't want to run messenger.

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Originally posted by Adam
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Messenger

The "messenger" service and the "Instant Messenger" are NOT the same thing.

The instant messenger is the usual IM chat application that comes with windows. The "messenger" service is a hacker's playground. ;) (It is used to send, wait for it....messages! potentially over the network).

You really ought to disable the "Messenger" service by doing as Adam suggested, right-clicking on "messenger" and setting it to "disabled" (also make sure you stop the service if it's started).

Anyway, MS Windows makes it NOTORIOUSLY difficult to remove the Instant Messenger permanently.

To do so, you can try deleting from your hard drive, however that usually doesn't get rid of it. I explained it in this thread.