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Geek Help: CDex MP3 encoder


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Do I have to set it up a certain way in order to rip a mix CD so there are no gaps in between tracks when I play the CD back (as an MP3)?
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I used to use CDRWin
Rip to wav from the 1st to last sector on the CD.
Then convert to mp3 with Audio Catalyst ...

But there is probably other utils out there.

pr0nstar :D


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CDRWin instructions ;)

Insert Audio CD

Go to Icon for Table of Contents
There will be a number after Total Disc Time:
Jot this number down.

Then Icon for Extract CD
Extract Selected Sectors
Enter Image Name - Select File Format WAVE
Under Selector Selection
000000 and End Number you jotted down.

Start and you'll have a big ass WAV in a few minutes.

Then convert to mp3 as you wish :D

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