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Gear Lust: Novation Dicer

Discussion in 'Electronic Music Producers Forum' started by Wiseman, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member



    Dicer Cue Point and Looping controller for Digital DJs
  2. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    know what would be messed?

    develop one that sticks to your head, reads alpha/beta/whatever brain frequencies and transforms them into an audible signal. then you can midi-control sounds and thoughts simultaneously as you loop/fx them. Plus the possibility of daisy chaining them to a friend's head and creating some bizarre synergy-mental-jam out session.
  3. Sal De Ban

    Sal De Ban TRIBE Member

    if you're performing to a crowd with the brain-midi, the crowd's reactions will change and intensify the singals transmitted from your brain, creating all sorts of different possibilities
  4. basilisk

    basilisk TRIBE Member

    I'd have zero use for such a thing but check this article:
    DJ TechTools
  5. mrtunes

    mrtunes TRIBE Member

    it's a good concept but still fairly niche compared to the other products novation has made lately. not necessarily a bad thing though - but if i think of my friends who dj regularly in this community i only know of just a few who are using decks at home and then when they play a gig they're on cd-js.

    here's the kicker - people who want to dabble in quantized djing like what the looping in this program does, will only go so far before it seems silly to be using a turntable yet the software is basically running like a sequencer. for hip-hop and mashup this thing will be a hot toy. house, can't see it being used as much.

    i like the $100 price point which is also where the nocturne controller sits in. it probably won't be a huge seller though.
  6. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    I disagree. I see this as a gateway controller for a lot of DVS users who have just stuck to using their laptops to play like vinyl. It is affordible with an accessible interface that won't scare off those who have never touched a controller.
    Yes it probably will be more attractive to the turtablist crowd but I think the portability of it and ease of integrating it into a cramped club booth will make it an easy sell.
    And you don't even need to be using 1200s for it to make sense:

    I can see people who never would have bought a controller buying this, getting hooked on it and then purchasing something more robust.
    I also like the Left/Right design of it. It makes sense ergonomically and pyschologically in relation to the classic Left Deck/Right Deck DJ mentality. Most other controllers fit a Live PA DJ mentality first.
  7. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    Meh. I would much prefer a NI Kontrol X1.
  8. DoubleDown

    DoubleDown TRIBE Member

    Got mine 2 weeks ago... have not had a chance to get too far in to using it yet... but from what I have used it's SOOOOO much fun... just taking a bit of getting used to.. I'm very comfortable with Traktor... but the transition from touching a platter of some kind to using the X1 has yet to sit right with me. It will though with a bit of time.

    the X1 is a very solid piece of gear!
  9. Spinsah

    Spinsah TRIBE Member

    Fuck the platter. Ain't no such thing as half-way crooks.

    These days I only use my platter for playing actual vinyl and I feel so much better about the total solution.
  10. Stickybuds~

    Stickybuds~ TRIBE Member

    I am so stoked to get these.... Now I don't always have to heft my TTM 57 Sl to all my out of town gigs... I have all the hot cues loops and other cool stuff at my fingertips in a more portable system.....

    I just emailed Novation trying to get it right now. I think this is awesome.
  11. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    i dunno, I use cues and auto loop fairly often but I always just use the shortcuts on the laptop? I wonder if having the buttons on the turntable instead of the laptop would be that much better? Or worth the money?
  12. dj_soo

    dj_soo TRIBE Member

    ^ i like djs who set up midi controllers because they're not sucked into the laptop screen and can better engage the crowd.

    i like the design, and the fact that it takes up virtually no booth real estate, but the lack of knobs kills it for me. I play with a trigger finger and although it can sometimes be a pain in the ass, the feature set on it works much nicer than what's available on the dicer.
  13. gl*tch

    gl*tch TRIBE Member

    neato but where's the knobs goober?!

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