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Gay Organs Rejected


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Gay Organs Rejected

New Health Canada regulations that ban gay men from donating their organs slipped through unnoticed in December. Even the head of Canada's largest organ transplant program at Toronto's University Health Network, Dr. Gary Levy, didn't know about the changes.

The new regulations will ban any men who have been sexually engaged with another man in the previous five years. The rejections are based solely on sexual orientation rather than on unsafe sexual practice.

Health Canada is essentially telling Canadians that unprotected sex is safe as long as you aren't a gay man.

Egale Canada believes that the regulations are discriminatory and should be suspended. Health Canada should be making sure the regulations stop unsafe organ transplants not creating a situation where healthy viable gay organs will be thrown in the garbage.

Let Health Canada know how you feel:
Call the Minister's Chief of Staff, William King at 613-957-0200 or email him at: william_king@hc-sc.gc.ca

Contact the minister's constituency office too!
Toll free: 1-866-375-8669. Email: Clement.T@parl.gc.ca
The minister's web site says, "Tony will return all calls." Let me know what he says


"slipped through unnoticed in December"

"head of Canada's largest organ transplant program... didn't know about the changes"

It's crazy how Harper slips stuff through like this...

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defazman said:
at least MoFo isnt rejecting gay organs yet


See, THAT'S a fruit joke that I'm down with.

So does that mean I don't have to sign my donor card now?

And does this mean I can't even donate with consent like fucking sperm?


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Don't they harvest organs after you're dead? Do they have a way to tell if you've had sex 4 years ago thus making your organs unfit?

A young kid died last year and a whole team of doctors came in, took the organs that they could use and were gone. This all happened within 6 hours of his time of death. Nobody would have had a chance to find out if and when he'd had sex with a man in the past 5 years. So there doesn't really seem to be much to worry about.
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