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gatecrasher resident set to destroy guvernment


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next week, Scott bond returns to Guv

last year he ripped the room apart

almost 0 vocals

every trak had stompy bass and epic builds

lately he has been playing mostly German and dutch stuff

the last mix I heard him spin included shokk (life is as little strange), Marco V (godd), Kai Tracid (life is to short) Gollum and Yanny, etc

should be fun


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I know by definition Bond plays trance, I just can't listen to that man. Only to a certain degree. I find it so tacky now. I need the millieu between prog/trance. That's where you'll find me! heh

I heard he blows the roof off tho, great tracklist. Just not for me. Too each their own.



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Scott Bond does not play "tacky" music.

Sure, he helped to define the epic Euro-trance sound of Gatecrasher in 1999 and 2000. But it's 2002, and just like the club, Scott has moved forward into a fresh new sound. It's "progressive" in the truest sense of the word.

Listen to Gatecrasher - Digital, or Gatecrasher - Experience, for a good sample of where trance is heading. Harder, darker, and more tech-influenced that ever before! :)


Special K

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yea last time he was here i thought he was OK at best...

nothing special at all!

but ive heard that he can rip it up with the best of them so im still in a way kind of excited...

well see what happens this saturday...

im just pvd isnt coming on the 30th of march!!!

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