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Gatecrasher night @ Turbo


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I thought this duo delivered a propulsive evening of trance...not just progressive tracks but a journey over the length of their sets; from relatively light, bouncy trance to the hard, fist-pumpin evil shit.

The green smoke tunnel effect of the laser show created an truly underground atmosphere - I saw trains.

lots of fun - totally forgot about the price of admission once inside...but it was a poison pill to swallow. Thank scientists for giving us an antidote. Looking forward to seeing more trance and trains at Turbo.


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I heard that Gatecrasher was bringing over their visuals guys...How were the visuals at this event?


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if the previous guy saw trains then I'm guessing the visuals were pretty damn good, especially if they brought the same laser that was at Freakin.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by bucky:

if the previous guy saw trains then I'm guessing the visuals were pretty damn good
Then again, maybe it was something else that was pretty damn good...


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The laser and visuals were excellent. They definitely brought a little "UK flavour" to the club. Unfortunately, it looks like the Gatecrasher name is not a big enough draw in Toronto (although I'm sure the admission price was an issue as well).

Hopefully this event won't discourage Gatecrasher and other UK clubs from growing their presence in our city.

Ashley Casselle was a little too boring in my opinion, especially for his timeslot. I was quite disappointed that Scott Bond cancelled. But Guy Ornadel got things moving again. Very interesting style of trance (dark and pounding, but with lots of vocals). I was impressed.



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well, as you can tell by the name I am a jungle fan, but a friend wanted to go and I am always up for a good time......


that's really all one needs to say, a little suprised at the turn out, i mean trance is huge right now but boy, the crowd was a little spare...maybe the names themselves were not quite big enough to bring people in...I don't know Turbo's weird, like, mega mega names aside it seems like they have trouble getting people out, especailly since the novelty has worn out. Still a good night, well my friends thought so...