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*gasp* I'm listening to Enrique Iglesias

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I can be your hero baaaaaaaaaabbby...i can take away the pain....
i do a good enrique impersonation ya know :)
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Alot of people may hate Enrique, but he is on lucky S.O.B.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Anna Kournikova? G'damn!!

:( Karim <---Jelous


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i love the new song 'escape'...have to admit it!!!

and the video! damn.....the bathroom sex and the car sex.....VERY sweet!!:eek:

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Will, I'm not gonna leave you hangin' out to dry.....so I too will "come out of the closet", and admit to SOMEWHAT liking this song....I can't explain it really, but there's something to this song that makes me listen a little harder when it comes on.....:p


Cheer Bear

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I like it.

And who cares? If it's music, and you like listening to it, why does it matter who or what it is? :)

<-- likes Celine Dion, N'Sync and Phil Collins on occasion


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Sukebe Jiji

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whenever I hear the name Enrique Iglesias I immediately think of the Simpsons episode with the Pierce Brosnan robot forced to listen to "Music Divine" in Patti and Selma's apartment.

Cheer Bear

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i even have a backstreet boys poster next to a TOOL poster which is next to a Pantera flag in my room.


but backstreet boys suck. the poster was free however, and i needed to take up space.